Our mission at Vedic Hindi School is to connect global Indians through Hindi language. Individualized Hindi learning education that addresses student’s unique learning styles, cultivates independent thought and promotes the building of character, enabling them to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways

Netting Related Indians

Our hindi school is an initiative of dedicated community members who wish to see the younger generation experience rich and diverse Indian culture through hindi, the national language of India. we started our Vedic Hindi School in 2014 and it is growing 100% each school session

हिंदी आवश्यकता है !! विकल्प नहीं !!

To maintain a balance between language and Indian culture, we celebrate most of the festivals (Eid, Diwali,Makar Sankranti &Pongal,Durga Puja,Christmas,Holi) together as one large hindi school family.

!!Hindi is core of Indian Culture!!

Drama, Kavita, Natak, Dance Drama are some additional activities.Knowing about India and Indian History through Indian stories. Family and social values are integral part of learning


All the curriculam is alingned with ISD's as per LOTE guidelines.

Annual School Year Program

More than 60 hour of learning.

Twice a Year Exams.

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कक्षा शिक्षक पूर्व-मूल्यांकन के आधार पर कक्षाएं आवंटित करेगा।

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Our instructors, teachers, and coaches are highly qualified and experienced. They are the best in their respective fields and have gone through a thorough selection process to offer you the best in Hindi classes.

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Teaching will give you a sense of purpose which is unmatched across professions. Teaching is all about enriching life and there is no greater purpose to humanity. Why us? We offer great environment to ensure job satisfaction. Teach from wherever you are, you can contribute and get enriched. Our teachers and instructors are driven by a sense of passion and purpose. So if you are excellent in the subject matter, if you are competitive yourself, if you have exteme passion to contribute then we want to hear from you.

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Thank you sooo much for helping my son in Hindi learning.we appreciate you so much. Your are awesome


Thanks you. we have never seen this structured Hindi program.


Thanks for arranging all this within community on our request.I am really loving running Hindi school within our community.


My daugther answered grand parents questions in Hindi.You won't believe the joy on thier faces.







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